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Message From The CEO

COLORS OF INDIA CENTER is an organization dedicated to send the message of Indian Diasporas to the friends of Japan. By presenting wide areas of Indian culture, heritage, education & training, business opportunity, Colors of India envisions to create a platform that will extend harmonious communication and understanding about India to the people of Japan.

Colors of India will create opportunities to engage by the value of virtues embodied in art and life of India. Art & Culture as such as fine arts, performing arts, literature, film, food, fashion inspire the values and virtues. These qualities will give inner sight on how people of India think, act and communicate which in return will give the people of Japan the ability to understand and reciprocate with the people of India.

The center offers a range of services to assist individuals, organizations, and institutions around Japan in their effort to identify opportunity between India and Japan. We offer services online as well in our center at Tokyo. Our services include India Information & Communication, Daily News & Media, HR & Placements, Press Release & News Syndication, Translation & Localization, Business Opportunity & Support, Event Management, Education & Cultural Training facilitation. The majority of our work is carried out in close partnership with a wide range of community, human services, international development and business organizations. This approach allows us to draw upon our expertise as pioneers in the field, as we work closely with clients to identify and meet specific needs in unique contexts surrounding India and Japan.

The bilateral relation between Japan and India has strengthened over the last few years. With the implementation of the FTA & CEPA in 2011, the bondage between Japan and India henceforth will only become stronger. COLORS OF INDIA CENTER will work as a catalyst in the opportunity building process between Japan and India. We welcome all of you to take a part in the process building by a way that you can contribute in our endeavor. Please drop question, concern and suggestion. It will help us tremendously in our efforts to bring quality information surrounding India and Japan.


Raj Adhikary

President & Chief Executive Officer